maandag 27 oktober 2014

Working out insert

Hallo everybody,

You probably all know the feeling when you are sitting on the couch watching CSI or New Girl while you're eating a bag off potato chips while you're drinking a glass of red wine. And you're just enjoying live. But this feeling, as we all know, does not lest for long.

I didn't have to do anything. It was a delicious feeling. While I was wondering if Cece and Smith will ever be together, I suddenly realized that the chips are gone.  And I didn't eat one bag of chips. Noooooo of course not. I had 3 bags of chips. I felt fat and blotted. So the next morning I got up early and took a 30 min run before work.

I decided to work out more frequently. And because I like to keep track of everything I do I made a filofax insert.

For me it works good. I keep track of my weight and exercise but also of the stuff I eat. I love to eat. Especially chocolate. I love choclate I really do. My favorite kind is the: Tony Chocolony banana walnut. O god eating that chocolate is like an angel peeing in your mouth will the birds are singing Tchaikovsky's Russian Dance from the nut cracker. Or a shorter description: it's like XTC

As much I love chocolate, I decided i really need to lose 10 pound.
So that is what i am going to do.

If you also want to have these filofax inserts I use you can download them here:
For all my dutchies:
For the rest of the world who speak english:

Love to all of you

P.s. let me know if the link doesn't work

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